.5 mm Vegetable Goat


For your convenience, skins are already pared to .5 mm.   This represents a cost-saving to many people as the leather will not need to be further pared.


Tanned to close to .5 mm, then shaved to substance to retain strength.  (For example, leather which has been tanned to 1.0 mm then skived, shaved or pared to .5 mm will lose MORE THAN 75% of its tear and flex strength)

This leather is vegetable tanned  (it does not contain chrome,  as we are a trustworthy source of leather).   There are no mechanical modifications made to the grain such as boarding,  plating, glazing, etc.

Suggested for bindings, labels, linings, etc.

The average size is 50 sq dm.   (5.5 sq ft) Skins range in size from 35-75 sq dm.   There is no selection for size.  We will try to ship you an assortment of skins which average around 50-60 sq dm

This is a new product, that just arrived as of 9/14/22.   In looking through the leather, many of the skins are misshapen,  not square.  Should this change, we will update this description


Red, Mocha, Crimson, Black, Navy Blue, Forest Green


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  1. Caloca Bibles

    This leather works perfectly to line Bible covers.

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