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Never Disappoints

Outstanding leather and outstanding customer service.
Steve, always goes above and beyond.


I’ve been very pleased with the results when using Siegel’s fair natural goatskin, especially for creating full or partial leather hardcover antiquarian bindings. It is a great leather choice for replacing larger goatskin bindings from the 19th century and earlier.


Eric Haley             [email protected]

Note from Baker Bindery

Hey, Steve,

With the delivery of your latest iteration of Sokoto goatskin, I wanted to take a second and make a few comments.

Thanks for taking the time to continue to make these skins better.  There are very few merchants I know who spend the kind of time, research and, I’m sure, tens of thousands of dollars continually to improve their product.  Particularly in the scholarly approach you’ve done with north African goatskins.

I have the pictures and globally significant customer’s approval to prove your leathers are quickly becoming the standard by which everything should be measured.

All the best,


Amazing leather

I got my SHG order in Navy and Green today. After receiving so many high quality skins from you I thought it could not get any better – and I was wrong! This SHG is the finest leather I have seen today. Perfect in any aspect, from color to grain, and so amazingly thin and soft. I can’t wait to use it, I have already some projects in mind and am excited to bind and tool it. I can highly recommend it to other bookbinders.

Beautiful leather & exceptional service

I received leather from Steve Siegel recently.I have been binding books for almost 40 years.Mr Siegal’s leather is of a very high quality, the colours are lovely and the substance of it is perfect.
Steve was courteous, obliging and efficient.The leather was sent on a Monday & it arrived on Thursday to Melbourne, Australia.

Wonderful Leather!

I recently used some British Tan Smooth Historical Goatskin, and it was a treat to work with!
Truly Delicious!
It pares easily, takes foil stamping and tooled lines beautifully, and is perfect for what I’ve been using it for!
I have a very particular client who needs boxes for the Revolutionary War-era books and papers, and he is very pleased with it too!

A real Gem!

Customer for 50 years

Very nice! Thank you , beginning withM.Siegel 50 some years ago ….always has provided the quality skins I depend upon

Excellent Leather Products

After a recommendation from Jeffery Rice, I began to purchase River grain goatskin and Sokoto products from Siegel Leather. They are the most luxurious, easy to work with products I have ever used! Steve is also such a wonderful man to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Siegel Leather to everyone who is looking for the highest quality in products and service.

The highest quality leather on the market

Siegel Leather offers some of the highest quality vegetable tanned leather available on the market, many of which are only available here. You will be extremely pleased with any of the leather options, whether you’re an amateur binder doing a personal project or a professional doing archival work. Steve’s customer service and his transparency regarding his leather is unmatched anywhere. He regularly produces professional-level analyses of his leathers and makes them available to his customers. There is a reason I choose to offer Siegel leather exclusively at my bindery.

Sokoto Traditional – Excellent choice in leather

I have just finished a full bind using Steve Siegels Sokoto traditional and it was a pleasure to work with. It pairs very well and takes water and glair with ease. The colors are vibrant and wonderful. It is the best vegetable tanned leather I have ever worked with. Thank you Steve for always trying to make good leathers even better. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


Steve Siegel
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