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Explore our selection of resources to better understand the world of premium leather. From instructional videos to industry publications and analyses, this collection provides a wealth of information for leather enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The Siegel Effect: Testing for Vegetable Tanned Leather
The Ewald Effect: Understanding Oil Tanned Leathers
Traceability: A Look into the Journey of European Calfskins

Publications & Documents

Leather for Libraries: A guide to choosing the best leathers for bookbinding, per a British publication from around 1905.
“The Romance of Leather”: Published in 1937 by the Tanners’ Council of America, this document delves into the fundamental aspects of leather.
Report of the Committee on Leather for Bookbinding: A comprehensive report by the Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), London, from 1905. Please use Adobe Acrobat to open this document.
“Genuine Morocco”: Published in the Guild of Bookworkers, this article by author Steven Siegel explores the world of authentic Moroccan leather.

Testimonials & Analyses

Betty Haines on Archival Bookbinding Leather: Expert insights into the field of archival bookbinding leather.
Affidavits for Archival Native Tanned Sokoto Leather: Hear from three museum experts in Sokoto, Nigeria on the topic of native tanned archival Sokoto leather.
Dry Fiber Ageing Analysis: SF Calf vs 5 Other Bookbinding Calfskins: A comparative study of various bookbinding leathers.

Product Samples

Sample Sulfur Free Calf
Native Tanned-Colored Archival Sokoto Leather