Barcelona (7 colors)

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  1. Midnight Blue
  2. Mahogany Brown
  3. Midnight Black
  4. Steel Gray
  5. Espresso Brown
  6. Royal Purple
  7. Hazelnut Brown
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    Barcelona is a leather which we recently developed as a take off of Seal Print, popularly used over 100 years ago.

    We used a 120 year old sample, in original condition (never used) as our model. We have made a further couple of modifications as an improvement.

    Tips of leather are hand dyed (Hand means with a human who hand dyes, NOT a human hand pressing a button on a machine)

    We are working on a version which is 100% bisphenol free. The goal of European production is to lessen bisphenol in leather. We do not know of ANYONE who is making their leather absolutely bisphenol free.

    As of 2/20/24    Limit order of 2 skins/customer/order/week

    As of 2/29/24 –  Skins are approximately  8 ft /each.  At 45/skin, this is roughly $5.50/ft.   Price will be raised to $65 /skin on 3/4.   From that point,  we will wait for evaluations and decide on future of this item.   If it goes into production,   the price will be in the range of 9-10/ft…. approximately same as river grain goat  or higher….  will depend upon future costs.