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This leather is produced from Nigerian skins, among the most desirable and expensive goat skins available world wide.  They are not imitations of Nigerian skins.   We have developed a new leather – Sokoto Morocco.   The first production has been made.  All 4 colors are on hand for immediate delivery: Red, Blue, Green, Black  .The crust is archival Sokoto Natural, uncolored.  (We call this archival based on archaeological and literature evidence) It is shipped to the EU for processing and coloring.  No pigments are  use in finishing. The lab samples were very well received.  One evaluator, said that this was the nicest leather that had been available for 18 years.  This leather is made on Nigerian Skins which have a grain pattern suitable for restoration of books prior to the 19th century.Our three products, produced by our partnership, Chemist LLC,  Sokoto Morocco, Sokoto Traditional and NTND are all produced in cooperatives in Sokoto, Nigeria.   From every production which we make, funds are additionally set aside and donated to local charities.  All of these leathers use natural biologicals in their production to the crust.  These are genuine Sokoto skins.  There is a confusion in the industry with skins produced from Indian goats, where the grain has been “manipulated” (embossed) to produce an imitation.   If you are looking for an imitation of Nigerain skins you will have to purchase elsewhere.


The leather was introduced at the SOB show in Bath, UK.  A skin put up for auction to benefit the SOB, sold at the highest price for all auctioned leathers according to my source.
Steven Siegel
[email protected]A couple of  initial evaluations from established bookbinders follow:
“It absorbs water immediately. … it is very moldable when covering ..looks like it will blind tool with some enthusiasm”
“Well suited for ‘both’ bindings taking blind and gold tooling crisply..took moisture evenly…thanks for all you do!”

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Black, Blue, Green, Red


4.0-4.9, 5.0-5.9, 6.0-6.9, 7 +


TR, #2


3 reviews for Sokoto Morocco

  1. siegel.leather

    Hey, Steve,

    With the delivery of your latest iteration of Sokoto goatskin, I wanted to take a second and make a few comments.

    Thanks for taking the time to continue to make these skins better. There are very few merchants I know who spend the kind of time, research and, I’m sure, tens of thousands of dollars continually to improve their product. Particularly in the scholarly approach you’ve done with north African goatskins.

    I have the pictures and globally significant customer’s approval to prove your leathers are quickly becoming the standard by which everything should be measured.

    All the best,


  2. Ralph (verified owner)

    This is the best leather I have ever worked with. It is supple and easy to work, pares easily, and takes gold tooling beautifully. The absence of sulphur and Nigerian sourcing make this the best leather available for those of us who are interested in maintaining the great bookbinding tradition.

  3. Price Cochran


    In my small bookbinding business, I have worked with all sorts of leathers and suppliers. Your business is the standard all leather suppliers should model. From the customer service to the actual product I have not once been dissatisfied. In fact, with each purchase, I am further convinced I don’t need to shop anywhere else, so I don’t.

    What brought me to your website was the coveted and rare Sokoto Goatskin. I have ordered more of those hides than I can count and I am always blown away with the quality, uniqueness, and elegance each skin possesses (I get more excited opening the box to see the leather then I ever did as a kid for Christmas).

    When I learned of the Sokoto Morocco I had a VERY high standard from the traditional Nigerian Sokoto. When I opened the roll and pulled the skin out, I was shocked. I was shocked because this Sokoto was even more impressive than the traditional! The deep river grains and character was even more pronounced than the traditional. I will be a purchaser of this leather as long as I am in the bookbinding business.

    Thank you, Steve for the care you give! It shows in the excellency and culture that saturates your company!

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Steve Siegel
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