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    Introducing our brand-new Sokoto Morocco Premium Leather – a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. Derived from Nigerian goat skins, recognized globally as among the finest and most sought-after, this leather is no imitation. It epitomizes genuine luxury and elegance, showcasing the unique grain pattern that Nigerian goat skins are famed for, making it particularly suited to restoring books from the era preceding the 19th century.

    Sokoto Morocco is a distinguished product of our brand, crafted in collaboration with our partner, Chemist LLC. It joins the family of our two esteemed offerings, Sokoto Traditional and NTND, all of which are locally produced in Sokoto, Nigeria, in cooperatives. In our commitment to give back to the community, we allocate additional funds from each production to local charities.

    This leather, in its raw form, is known as Sokoto Natural, a term derived from its archival quality, as substantiated by archaeological and literature evidence. Post-tanning, it’s shipped to the EU for processing and coloring. No pigments are used in the finishing process, ensuring the preservation of its authentic charm.

    Sokoto Morocco was first unveiled at the Society of Bookbinders (SOB) show in Bath, UK, where it was received with much fanfare. A skin from this collection, put up for auction to benefit the SOB, fetched the highest price among all leathers auctioned, according to our sources.

    Steven Siegel

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    Here are some initial impressions from renowned bookbinders:

    • “It absorbs water immediately. It’s very moldable when covering and looks like it will take to blind tooling with enthusiasm.”
    • “Well suited for both bindings, taking blind and gold tooling crisply. It absorbs moisture evenly. Thanks for all you do!”

    Our Sokoto Morocco Premium Leather embodies the epitome of true leather craftsmanship and invites you to indulge in its extraordinary qualities.