Genuine Levant Goat


Binding by Monique Lallier

First lab production


No pigment finish,  Absolutely no grain manipulation either by machine or by hand,   Easily pares,  tools,  takes gold,  and gold lines,  despite heavy grain, grain can be easily crushed for intricate tooling



First color – Mocha

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Sought after worldwide.   NOW AVAILABLE




The raw skins for this product are sourced in the Levant (the former Ottoman Empire)     The skins do not come from Iran, or Iraq   There is only a small amount of these skins available, so we must guard our source as there is only a limited quantity available.  These skins would be from the same areas that were historically revered for the very fine goatskins which were historically used for bookbinding in cultural heritage.


The first skins are expected on 11/13, lab-produced, and not yet in commercial production.


As of 12/1/2023 ,  remaining lab skins are clean, around 4 1/2 ft/each……   Price reduced to 65/skin from 85  because of size…  It’s a loss to us, but,  these are lab samples for your evaluation for a product which we hope you will find very attractive


First sample commercial production expected week of April 8th.   These skins are 4-6 ft/each.   As the grain characteristics comes from shrinking the skins in the pickle, (not from some “grain manipulation”),  the skins shrink almost 50% from their original size,  doubling our cost!!


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