Natural Drum Dyed Vegetable Goatskin


This goat dyes, blind tools, takes gold with albumen and pares superbly.   Skins are 5-8 ft/each.   The substance is .7-.9 mm   This volume of books is made and dyed by the binder using our Fair, Natural, Goat






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Binding by Courtland Benson on our Fair, Natural Goat

Goat, drum dyed which can easily be further dyed,  using the colored leather as a base.   Alternatively, the leather can be used without further preparation. There is no grain manipulation (which hides defects) and there is no pigmentation on the surface (which also hides defects)   Completely natural grain.   The dye is fixed.    Substance  .7-.9 mm   Skins are clean.   Sizes are 5-8 ft/each


The drum dyed goat is made to be a base color for re-dyeing. There may be  “streaks” which are absolutely normal for this type of leather which has not been further dyed, seasoned, or polished.


100% Vegetable tanned.   This leather is metal free, that is, it is chrome free and alum free.  Accordingly, it will tool, pare and further dye superbly.  It is environmentally more desirable than leathers which contain metal tannins


4- 4.75 sq ft, 5-5.75 sq ft, 6-6.75 sq ft, 7-7.75 sq ft


Black, Red

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