Special, Pale Vegetable English Calf .9-1.1 mm


This calf is re-tanned in sumac. Skins vary in size from 16-26 sq ft/each.   Besides books, this is well suited for restoration of table tops.


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We received this lot in error.  It is made in UK.  Color is more pale than our traditional UK Veg Calf.  Substance is a bit heavier,  .9-1.1 mm

As this is not our normal production,   it is being sold off at a large discount to move it out!

The calf is re-tanned in sumac, a pyrogallol, gentle vegetable tanning agent.

Skins are 16-26 feet each

Unless stated, skins are full calf, which gives a good cutting yield.   Sided or half calf is available upon special request    e.mail [email protected] for availability and pricing


14 – 16 sq ft, 16 – 18 sq ft, 18 – 20 sq ft, 20 – 22 sq ft, 22 – 24 sq ft, 24 – 26 sq ft



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