Roma Chagreen Vegetable Goat .6-.75 mm




Example of Bible Rebound in Blue Roma Chagreen  (a very popular item for binder)    –  Bound by Jeff Rice at PTL Bible Rebinding


Mocha, Blue, British Tan, Black, Forest Green, Crimson, British Tan, Red


40-49 sq dm, 50-59 sq dm, 60-69 sq dm, 70-79 sq dm, 80-89 sq dm


3 reviews for Roma Chagreen Vegetable Goat .6-.75 mm

  1. AE Bibles

    The grain finish and overall quality is superb for those who are serious about fine leather!

  2. Tony Dye

    I rebound a McArthur Preaching Bible in British Tan and the leather was stunning! The Roma some of the most luxurious leather I have ever worked with. It really makes a difference when you can expect quality. I have found that in Siegel Leather.

  3. Jim Simkins

    Simply beautiful colors and grains! Wish I’d known you when we lived in W-S!

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Steve Siegel
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