Roma Chagreen Vegetable Goat .6-.75 mm

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This leather represents the final batch available, as it has been discontinued. Seize the opportunity to acquire this unique leather while supplies last. Initially, we sourced our premium raw skins for this product from a trusted supplier who, unfortunately, succumbed to COVID. Efforts to find an equivalent selection from another dealer in the same region proved fruitless. Our distinction lies in our process, beginning with raw goat skins rather than pre-treated crusts, setting us apart as one of the select few in the industry


(If you like this leather, please try Capra Granulosa)


All British Tan Roma Chagreen still on hand is grade #2/#3   for grain damage just off-center at one end




Roma Goat has some unusual characteristics. It starts with goatskins, purchased in the hair. The leather is initially tanned / put into the crust in the same locale.  Only skins which are over 1.3 mm in substance and exceed 7 ft in size are accepted.   From there , it is shipped to the EU to a tanner/finisher where the leather is re-tanned, the grain is shrunk, decreasing in size by 20%  drun dyed and finished without a pigment which would hide any defects in the grain.  The leather absorbs water easily and can be tooled with gold leaf and albumen. The grain is shrunk , producing a pebbly surface.

The skins average 6-7 ft/each and are very clean, substance 0.7-0.9 mm.

As this is a new leather, we encourage you to purchase a sample skin rather than ask for a clipping. It is very difficult to tell the properties of the leather from only a swatch. If, for any reason, you are not pleased with the purchase, your money will be refunded and a call tag will be sent for the return.   As the skins are shrunk, skins will vary in grain pattern.  Shrinkage also causes the leather to be more rectangular than square.

Looking forward to your favorable responses.

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Example of Bible Rebound in Blue Roma Chagreen  (a very popular item for binder)    –  Bound by Jeff Rice at PTL Bible Rebinding


Mocha, Blue, British Tan, Black, Forest Green, Crimson, British Tan, Red


40-49 sq dm, 50-59 sq dm, 60-69 sq dm, 70-79 sq dm, 80-89 sq dm

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