Lot #091721-01 #2 British Tan RGG 8-10 ft/each


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This leather is most popular for Bible rebinds.   It is very economically priced.  Pure vegetable tannage, no metal contaminants such as chrome.    River grain goat has a manipulated grain with a full pigmented finish.  The leather takes gold foil easily.  As there is a pigmented finish, it is not appropriate for blind tooling.

We select raw stock with a fine grain and lightweight. The strength/integrity of the leather is thus maintained with minimal splitting/shaving   (If one were to purchase 1.0 mm leather and skive/shave the leather to 0.65 mm, the tear strength is reduced by approximately 50%)  Our River Grain  goat is especially pared to .65 mm with NO loss in strength

This leather is also suitable for small leather goods


All skins are 8-10 ft/each.   Second grade.

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