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In the mid-1960’s we developed this leather to emulate human skin for testing of biomedical devices.   The formulations are proprietary.  Currently, this is being used throughout the globe by publicly-traded medical corporations.


This is the first time that we are offering this leather to the general public.


The leather is 100% vegetable tanned and has not been pretanned with chrome or other substances which is so commonly done unbeknownst to the buyer.    These are sides from very young animals providing a very fine, tight grain.  In today’s commerce, this leather would be referred to as kips or calf.   In the 1960s this would have been referred to as kips, under 14.75 sq ft/each, as defined by the Boston tanning community.   The terminology has changed as the years’ progress.   A proper description of our leather is of utmost importance to us.


Grades are all #1’s, 100% defect-free.   The substance is .9-1.1 mm.  Not dyed.  Leather should be very suitable for bookbinding, paring well, taking gold with albumen, blind tooling, etc.  Skins are 7 -14.75 ft/each.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make a query to us via phone, email or through our contact form.   All questions will be promptly answered.



7-7.75 sq ft, 8-8.75 sq ft, 9-9.75 sq ft, 10-10.75 sq ft, 11-11.75 sq ft, 12-12.75 sq ft, 13-13.75 sq ft, 14-14.75 sq ft, 15-15.75 sq ft

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