Lot 12260275R Black Sokoto Morocco (2 skins-Rejects-75-85dm)


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    2010 Black Sokoto Morocco Leather

    Authentic Craftsmanship:

    Experience the genuine texture of the Black Sokoto Morocco leather, tanned exclusively from Sokoto Red Goat skins in the historic city of Sokoto, Nigeria.

    Key Features:

    • Untouched Grain: Our leather retains its natural essence without any grain manipulation, embracing its intrinsic beauty.
    • Historical Grain Pattern: Boasting the subtle and refined Morocco grain that was prevalent before 1870, which is distinctly finer than patterns observed post-1870.
    • European Tint: Crafted with a European coloration approach, distinctly setting it apart from UK produced counterparts.
    • Versatile and Craft-friendly: Highly receptive to both water and dye and perfect for blind tooling.
    • Classification: While classified as rejects, each skin carries a unique character and rich potential.
    • Pure Vegetable Tanned: Thickness ranges from .9 to 1.1 mm, ensuring robust durability.

    Size & Offer Details:

    • Dimensions: This package includes 2 skins, each measuring between 30-50 sq dm, with a combined total of 75-85 dm.
    • Exclusive Purchase: This leather is available for purchase only as a complete lot.

    Unveil the essence of bygone times with our 2010 Black Sokoto Morocco Leather. Ideal for those valuing authenticity and inherent beauty.