Lot 060523 #3 Specials of Smooth Historical Goat


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These are lower grade skins of Smooth Historical Goat,  downgraded for grain defects.   Suggested for cutting smaller pattern pieces,  quarter bindings, spines, labels,  etc


Leather is .65 mm,  no pigment,  tools, pares, covers beautifully.


As this is priced to move……  leather will be shipped top to bottom til sold out…….   Purchase expecting low grades, but a lucky few will receive skins which are of a much better selection than described


Black  60-79 dm   ( 6.6-8.8 sq ft)   priced at $55/skin                  this is approximately 8/ft

Forest Green 50-60 dm   (5.5-6.6 ft)    priced  at $45/skin




Black, Green

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