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Book Binding Leather

As a premier leather supplier, integrity and transparency are very important parts of our business model.   We accurately represent leather and are confident that we can meet all your leather book binding supply needs. For example we sell genuine Nigerian goat skins, not imitations made on Indian skins that are perfect for all leather book binding applications.  We are the only purveyor of genuine Sokoto goatskins in the United States. This is the most expensive vegetable tanned goatskin in the world, and ours are sourced directly from Nigeria. All leather book binding supplies are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction and ACCURATLEY  described.  We are part of an unregulated industry which has much confusion in terminology .  This is only one example of many where the prevalent terminology parts from reality.   We are part of a family business established in 1917, Siegel Leather has provided the highest quality leather book binding supplies, best-value products in the leather market for over100 years. It is our goal to continue to develop exclusive and otherwise unavailable bookbinding leathers for our clients who wish to take their leather book binding products to the next level. Our mail-based business model and sourcing enable us to provide top quality leather book binding supplies at competitive prices. 

We specially engineer unique leathers unavailable elsewhere that is great for leather book binding. Any order can be returned for a refund or store credit within 14 days of receipt, providing the skin is returned uncut in original condition.


Sulfur-free calf is outstanding

The sulfur-free calf takes dyes and gold tooling perfectly, with vibrant and crisp results. Knowing about the longevity of the skins and tanning methods is a big plus for antiquarian work. Definitely my go-to calfskin. Plus Siegel’s always provides great customer

Amazing Leather and Individualized Attention

I’m a fledgling Bible rebinder and have come to respect and admire Siegel Leather in a very short period of time. Not only because of the amazing leather they produce, but for the time and attention they give to their customers. Throughout my journey to become a skilled and knowledgeable crafts(wo)man, Mr. Siegel has consistently

Amazing Historical Leather

I was extremely happy with the Smooth Historical Goat leather I purchased from you. It is of a beautiful color and excellent quality and suited my needs admirably. It was also easy to cut and work with.  Not having to pare the leather too much was extremely worth it as well. I hope to come back to Siegel Leather