Lot 010123 SHG



This is our regular production of Smooth Historical Goat produced in the wrong color by error.  It is being sold at a very large discount.   Skins are 5-7 ft/each.   The regular price is approximately $70/skin + freight   (As this is lab tested, you can be sure it is vegetable tanned, not a chrome imitation)   The leather is made with a very light finishing coat, no pigment.  It easily absorbs water, pares, tools, and covers superbly.   Specifically made for bookbinding.   The substance is .65 mm   This leather is especially easy to hand tool and burnish,  technically difficult to achieve this property.


The price is $45/skin until the lot is sold.    Grades are approximately 70% #1,  20% #2, 10% #3.   You will receive a random skin at this price,   which will be 5-7 ft in the grades as they come, top to bottom.   We are trying to clean this lot out quickly as it was made in the wrong color.



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