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Over the last 10 years or so we have accumulated a large assortment of miscellaneous vegetable tanned goatskins for bookbinding .    …..   “orphans”     To catalog and arrange them all for sale is a task that takes a lot of time from regular business.

Instead of selling them,  we will send you one skin FREE with every skin of any other goatskin purchased on our website  UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

These skins are all different colors and grains.   All leathers are CHROME free (no chrome  GUARANTEED) ,   most are veg, and a smattering is alum and/or syntans. They typically represent lab samples that were produced in the process of developing new bookbinding leather lines.    They could be used for bindings,  spines,  practicing, etc.       We must limit the number of free skins per customer per 7-day period to 5 skins.      For example,  purchase  5 skins of various types of leather from us and 5 orphans will be included at no extra charge.



Steve Siegel
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